**Update May 2017: Added my anaesthetic crisis handbook to viva section. This document is gold for the Anaesthetic Viva’s!**

This website contains study resources based on the ANZCA 2013 syllabus targeted towards your needs for the Finals Exam.

Some advice on my thoughts on how to pass this exam can be found here. Consider this your online textbook. These notes were all i used.

Notes and resources can be found under the relevant categories sections on the right (or below on a smartphone). Main sections include SAQs, SSUs, Medicine, Fundamentals, ANZCA Docs, Medical Viva’s, MCQs, Tools, Anaesthetic Viva’s.

Please note the references in this website contain a number of tables/pictures taken from reference texts and journal articles. I would absolutely recommend students purchase a copy of the Oxford Anaesthetic Handbook as the reference text. If anyone has copyright concerns please contact me and i will remove or replace these (but fingers crossed this won’t be an issue).

Inevitably, the notes will also contain errors. I have spent a lot of time trying to correct as many as possible after the exam (too much time!). But please leave comments below and I will endeavour to correct them further. I’m sure there are also a lot of typo’s despite my best efforts as well.

All the best, and good luck studying!

Adam Hollingworth

P.S. This work is dedicated to my partner Nichola. Your unwavering support is the only thing that has made this all possible. I’m more grateful than you’ll ever know. With all my love.

P.P.S You may have found yourself here not in order. I have websites containing notes for other stages of ANZCA training. You can find them at:





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