Medical Viva

A few different resources here.

I’ve written an advice document. Dr Manson Ku has collated a list of diseases to study based on all the previous patients used by examiners for med viva’s by ANZCA. Dr Chang Kim has written an excellent summary of key information and salient examination findings for a number of medical conditions that commonly come up (NB you will see from Dr Ku’s Topic list that Dr Kim’s notes don’t cover every disease. The remainder can be found throughout my other notes in Medicine and SSU categories).

I have also provided the examination skills notes I wrote way back when in medical school (over 10 years ago now – goodness). This was all i used in preparation for formulating my planned exams. I have included notes on tailored exams which reach across different systems eg thryroid, or diabetes. However, we were told specifically by current examiners that you should not be asked to do a multi-system exam anymore. Instead you should be directed to perform a single system exam eg Cardiovascular or Respiratory or Musculoskeletal. You only have 3-4 minutes after all.

General study from SSU’s and Medicine categories is vital for the “discussion” part of the medical viva.

The combination on this page is all i used for Med Viva study.

All files are downloadable in .pdf format:

Med Viva Advice 

Med Viva Topic List

Med Viva Disease Summaries 

Examination Overviews:

Multisystem Exams:


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